So you want to learn guitar

A plethora of experience both on stage and in studios, writing and performing with multiple artists and bands as either a full member or a hired gun, Boult is familiar, capable and consistent in most styles of playing and most genres of music.

His current projects include writing and performing with upcoming contemporary acts ‘Meera Patel’ and ‘Marnie Mayroo’, along with his function band ‘The D-Beez’ and hard rock band ‘Over-Score’, as well as Boult’s own original music.


You need something that makes you stand out. Something you enjoy. A reason to spend far too much money on things you keep telling yourself you need (which you definitely do). The answer is guitar.

With over a decade as a musician, and qualifications in music and live performance, I can teach anyone from a beginner to an intermediate player who’s willing to make a new hobby, or even a career.

This is my career, and if I don’t play well then I don’t eat (and if you haven’t noticed, I’m big-boned).

  • £30 an hour per lesson (£120 for a block of 5 lessons) – I come to you

  • £20 an hour per lesson (£80 for a block of 5 lessons) – You come to me

  • £25 an hour (£100 for a block of 5 lessons) – Skype session

Any bookings come with free check-ups, recommendations and consultations. 

I’m based in the town of Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.

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